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CCA Members have free access to program handouts. Browse past CCA continuing education events, which include webinars and in-person events. Available information includes event descriptions and speakers.

The Proceedings Articles

The Proceedings contain research papers authored by CCA members and others, and CCA Annual Meeting session transcripts. These papers and transcripts listed below are available for the benefit of actuarial professionals and to keep consumers informed of the viewpoints and activities of actuarial professionals.

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  • The UP-1984 Table (Vol 25)
  • Actuarial Involvement in Divorce Litigation (Vol 33)
  • (1985 Buck Tables) Note on a New Mortality Table for Use in Pension Plans (Vol 35)
  • 1985 Disability Study (Vol 36)
  • (1989 Buck Tables) A Corporate Pension Plan Mortality Table Based on Recent Experience (Vol 39)
  • Defined Benefit Plans Versus Defined Contribution Plans: A Reassessment (Vol 40)
  • 1991 Long Term Care Continuance Tables (Vol 41)
  • Asset Allocation & Funding Policy Projection Studies (Vol 43)
  • (1995 Buck Tables) Corporate Pension Plan Mortality Tables Based on Recent Experience (Vol 45)

CCA Annual Meeting Materials on USB

Materials from CCA Annual Meetings are available for purchase. Receive handouts and the final program on a USB.

Corporate Content Licensing Opportunities

The CCA produces recordings, a variety of transcripts, and materials over the years from both the CCA Annual and the Enrolled Actuaries Meetings. Companies my purchase a one-year "license," renewable each calendar year for companies to share on their "intranet." Our policy is a sliding scale to fit all companies. Click here to view the policy regarding the license fee for company Intranet usage.

Enrolled Actuaries Meeting Materials

Non-attendees may purchase handouts and session audio from the 2013-2016 EA Meetings.

2019 Blue Book Index

Released at the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting starting in 1998, the "Blue Book" is a compendium of questions from actuaries and answers from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC). Access to the complete set of Blue Books is available through the PBGC website. The Blue Book Index is a complementary catalog of these materials, sorted by topic, to the full set of Blue Books.

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2016 Super Gray Book ($250)

This PDF contains the IRS Super Gray Books and Gray Book Updates that were distributed to attendees of the Enrolled Actuaries Meetings (1990-2016)

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