See Yourself as a Consulting Actuary

You may be asking yourself if you fit the definition of a consulting actuary. Below are five easy questions you can ask yourself to see if becoming a CCA member is right for you.


Do You Ever Give Professional Advice?

When we say ever, we mean ever. If you have ever provided an employer, client, or colleague with advice to make an informed decision then you would benefit from being a member of the CCA! The CCA is the only association dedicated to supporting the educational and professional needs of actuaries in their internal and external consulting roles. Members are active in all actuarial fields, including: retirement, health, life, casualty, investments and emerging practices


Would You Like To Meet Rockstars…of the Actuarial Profession?

Networking and connecting with established and rising leaders of the actuarial consulting profession benefits you and your career. Getting started is as simple as taking part in our many interactive communities!


When It Comes To Continuing Education, Do You Seek Out the Best of the Best?

The CCA is recognized as having the highest-quality continuing education opportunities, tailored to all actuarial practice areas. Experience first-in-class meetings, webinars, and online learning opportunities. Plus, as a member of the CCA you automatically receive substantial discounts on all continuing education we offer!


Do You Want To Influence the Actuarial Profession?

It is not a coincidence that our slogan is Advancing the Practice® - joining the CCA means investing in your own professional development as well as the future health of our profession.

Does Sharing Insights With Your Professional Peers Matter to You?

Learning via discussion and mentorship is a fundamental part of what makes the CCA’s members thrive – both in giving and receiving. Community, as well as one-on-one interactions, are key to the membership experience.

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?