Innovative Healthcare Solutions Podcast

Innovative Healthcare Solutions Podcast

During this podcast series, CCA past president, Ed Pudlowski, interviews actuaries and other professionals focused on delivering innovation in healthcare. These sessions and discussions highlight interesting people, products and services designed to drive a better healthcare system and provide insights into what is transpiring in the ever-changing environment of healthcare.

Transforming Healthcare Decisions Through Data Science and Digital Technology

In the fifth episode of the Healthcare Innovations podcast, Transforming Healthcare Decisions Through Data Science and Digital Technology, you will enjoy Ed's conversation with Jeff Dobro, Chief Innovation Officer at Transcarent. Hear Jeff explain how healthcare, with access to information and digital technology, is delivering better quality of care and realizing cost efficiencies.

Episode 4: Data Science, Meet Actuarial Science

In the fourth episode of the Healthcare Innovations Podcast, Data Science, Meet Actuarial Science, you will enjoy Ed's chat with Whitney Pratt, director of data science pricing and underwriting analytics at Evernorth. Learn about how she and her team are using machine learning and other statistical methods to inform and support risk-based decision making and identifying pricing solutions.

Episode 3: Behavioral Science of Weight Management

In this episode, Ed talks with Dr. Tim Church, chief medical officer at Wondr Health. Dr. Church addresses two epidemics we're going to be dealing with in the future: mental health and metabolic syndromes. Find out what this means for medical costs, and how to help people create healthier, more balanced lives.

Episode 2: Validating the Navigational Healthcare Model

Meet Bobby Owen, lead actuary at Quantum Health, a healthcare navigation firm. Ed and Bobby discuss in this episode how he and his team are using data to substantiate value and improve healthcare outcomes.

Episode 1: The Crossroads between Actuarial Science and Value-Based Care

In this episode, Ed talks with Gary Stanford with Healthcare Services Corp about his non-traditional role focusing on the provider, healthcare network and price transparency. Gary has presented at the CCA Annual Meeting on both machine learning and artificial intelligence and talks about how he's using these tools in his work.

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