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Professionalism Forum | Virtual

December 5 & 7, 2023

CCA's virtual 2023 Professionalism Forum features four sessions and offers attendees up to eight hours of CPD Professionalism Credit.

As actuaries, we have to manage the risks associated with a variety of activities in our professional lives. The way in which we address and handle these situations says a lot about us as professionals, to clients, other actuaries, and third parties with an interest in our work. This seminar focuses on professionalism and how to apply them, as well as professional dilemmas that actuaries face.

Earn Up to 8 Hours of CPD Professionalism Credit


Session times are Central Time zone
Tues., Dec. 5Session
10:00 -11:15 a.m.Technology and Professionalism
1:00 - 2:15 p.m.Code of Conduct Case Studies
Thurs., Dec. 7  
10:00 - 11:15 a.m.Daily Professionalism
1:00 - 2:15 p.m.Generational Knowledge Transfer


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After Nov. 26
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01 - Technology and Professionalism

The use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, along with machine learning and other forms of AI, are increasing across the actuarial profession. How does the growing use of these emerging technologies intersect with the Code of Professional Conduct and the Actuarial Standards of Practice? How does the role and responsibility of an actuary change when using these innovations to either enhance or replace decades of entrenched and time-tested practices? This session will explore these questions, while highlighting the opportunities and challenges faced by consulting actuaries supplying their services in a rapidly changing technological landscape.
CPD Credit: 1.50

02 - Code of Conduct Case Studies

The session will cover several challenging professionalism scenarios using an interactive format with audience polling, and a mix of role-playing and presentation formats. The focus will be on applications of the Code of Professional Conduct along with ASOPs, ABCD and others as applicable. The scenarios will include background on the issue, potential precepts or other considerations that may apply, audience polling on potential outcomes, and panelist discussion regarding which outcomes may or may not be correct (recognizing that there may not always be a truly correct outcome).
CPD Credit: 1.50

03 - Daily Professionalism

Many discussions around professionalism focus on unusual situations with significant implications that present complex ethical dilemmas, but professionalism can also be a factor in smaller decisions that may fly under the radar. This session will consider how professionalism affects the routine work that consulting actuaries do on a daily basis, including managing relationships with, and the expectations of, their clients.
CPD Credit: 1.50

04 - Generational Knowledge Transfer

While perhaps not a formal professionalism responsibility, it is nonetheless important that different generations of actuaries continuously learn from each other. We all have learned invaluable lessons from the actuaries that came before us, and we learn important lessons from those that have joined the profession since we did, lessons about technology and societal shifts, among other things. This session will feature a mix of “seasoned” and younger actuaries, who will discuss ways that different generations of actuaries can most effectively learn from each other.
CPD Credit: 1.50
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